The Highest Court in Massachusetts "Road trips" to Lawrence

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, the Commonwealth's highest court, held a rare special session at the Fenton Judicial Center in Lawrence on December 7. The seven members of the SJC heard four cases during the session, and then after the proceedings, took questions from area high school students.

The Lawrence Bar Association participated in the event by hosting a special reception following the session for the SJC justices and staff, and local judges, clerks, and other dignitaries, as well as members of the LBA, Essex County Bar Association, and Haverhill Bar Association.  The SJC was presented with a special gift to commemorate its Lawrence session: a framed photo of a spontaneous gathering of workers at the site of the Fenton Judicial Center during the famous 1912 Bread and Roses Strike, in Lawrence.  The gift will be displayed at the home of the SJC in Pemberton Square in Boston.

You can see (and hear) more about the SJC Special Session with this report from WGBH.

SJC Roadshow: The State's Highest Court Comes to Lawrence